At Inner Athlete, each client has an individually tailored program.

We take into account your:

  • Injury history
  • Training experience/age
  • Medical conditions
  • Most importantly, your goals

Programs we offer at Inner Athlete include:

  • Strong, Fit and Lean for Young Professionals
  • Healthy Lifestyle for Older Adults
  • Strength, Power and Speed for Youth Athletes

We deliver these program through semi-private training with a maximum of 8 people per session.



Be Activated is the science and art of getting your body to work the way it is meant to, and in doing so allowing it to break free of pain and dysfunction. Be Activated positively affects all parts of your life and from here it can move into higher states of performance on all levels.

Expected outcomes include:

  • Overcome patterns of pain and limitation within your body
  • Decrease the risk of injury
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Decrease life stress
  • Improve sporting and work performance

Often your body is limited in movement. You a tight calf muscle will cause you to use your butt muscle instead. This additional strain on your butt muscle over time can cause….cramping calves, Achilles tears and pain, ankle injuries and plantar fasciitis.

You lose strength, power, flexibility and endurance, leaving your body less resilient, and at risk of poor performance, pain and dysfunction, both in the way you move and your behaviour.

With high stress and environmental pressures, compensations are inevitable for everyone. To reverse this process you must give the body what it really needs in order to function correctly. ‘Be Activated’ reboots the body to return it to its original natural physiology.

Reference: Douglass Heel

Our Guarantee…if there is no change, there is no charge!



Sports Preparation and optimisation

Getting stronger, faster and more explosive is important for every athlete. You perform at a higher level, recover faster and stay on the field/court/track longer.  You’ll also increase longevity and minimise injury risk.

We specialise in helping young athletes (especially those under the age of 18), to reach the next level in their professional careers.

Types of Athletes we’ve worked with include:

  • Track and road cycling
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Basketball
  • AFL
  • Soccer


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